Styling The Perfect FSU Game Day Outfit

It’s that time of the year again for another football season! Many of you might be wondering what kind of OOTD one must wear to fully enjoy the gameday experience. Student or not, a lot of FSU (Florida State University) fans wear the school’s gameday tees to show their love and support for the team. 

Since the bulk of the student population will be out tailgating, students and fans demonstrate school pride by dressing in their respective game-day shirts, hoodies, crop tops, and more on this day. Even though we all want to support and be proud of the team we love, sometimes the shirts we wear are not always the most fashionable style. With this in mind, we’ve thought of some of the most exciting ways to style the perfect FSU gameday outfit here at Shop Gameday Tees.

Wear Printed Team Sport T-shirt 

The most important factor in any athletic event is comfort. It is worthwhile to forego the semi-transparent synthetic blouses in favor of fitted cotton shirts with printed team or sports logos. Such attire will make you appear fashionable and vibrant and won't restrict your movement or stick to your body. You may easily be considered an ardent supporter if you're sporting a T-shirt bearing the insignia of the team you’re rooting for throughout the game.  

Wear Comfortable Jeans

A genuinely flexible piece for any outfit is a pair of jeans. They'll definitely provide assistance at a sporting event. It is also more fashionable to wear high-waisted jeans to appear long-legged. In addition, it is much more convenient to choose stretchy jeans to avoid that tight and heavy feeling, this is to make sure that you’ll have the most comfortable gameday experience.

Wear a Cap

This wardrobe piece can develop into more than simply a fashionable accent but also dependable sun protection. There can also be a team logo on the cap for full-circle team support! Anything may be worn with the item, including jeans, a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, shoes, a bomber, and pantsuits. This season, a cap may become a crucial component especially if you want an autograph from your idol!

Wear a Jacket or Hoodie

Another article of apparel that will not only make you seem fashionable but will shield you from the elements of the scorching sun. You can do a conventional, lightweight jacket or hoodie for a sporting event without any additional accessories. It is important to keep in mind that the oversize is appropriate for this season and should thus fit you comfortably.

Pair Your T-shirt with a Jumpsuit

It's time to get a jumpsuit if you don't have one in your closet. They haven't yet created a piece that is more adaptable, and we're ready to wager on that. Jumpsuits are featured in street style, casual, evening, and romantic styles in 2021. Thus, this type of clothing goes well with rugged boots, sneakers or running shoes for sporting events, and jackboots or ankle boots for social gatherings. To look attractive, pair the jumpsuit with the appropriate footwear and accessories if you must.

Complete the Outfit with a Pair of Sneakers

What you choose to wear—a dress, a jumpsuit, or jeans and a t-shirt—to the game doesn't really matter. Huge, thick-soled sneakers will look great with your clothing no matter what. An apparent benefit of sneakers is that they make it easier to sprint a wave or jump during the goal than high-heeled shoes.

Overall, we would like to say that anything in a casual or sporty-chic style would be acceptable in any athletic event. Choose soft, non-pinching clothes to avoid any rubbing or pinching. Then nothing will stop you from taking in the ambiance of the sporting event and feeling happy.

And for all of you who want to wear FSU merchandise as a street style fashion casual, check out Shop Gameday Tees right away for more options!

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