What Does it Mean to Have the University of Oklahoma Spirit?

The University of Oklahoma is one of the oldest academic institutions in the country. With a history filled with political drives between parties and legislators, it would be interesting to talk about names and dates. But that's not what we are here to talk about. You might even be bored about these already in orientation. Although Shop Gameday Tees respects history, let's focus on academic culture and individuality for this article. What does it mean to really have the University of Oklahoma spirit?

From having over a hundred seventy major programs, a top-notch law and medical school, and rich sporting teams (both local and national), the OU campus and its students are also known for quite a few things. Whether you are a freshman interested in knowing your new home or an alum who is reliving your glory campus days and can’t let go of your University of Oklahoma t-shirt, this article is for you!

The OU student spirit broken down into five things that define the culture and experience of the university.

Living the infectious college athletics

Let us start with one of the core foundations of university spirits: sports events. At the University of Oklahoma, there are tons, but the one at the center would be football. It is considered a fact of life in OKC that Saturdays during the fall are sports holidays. As a student, local or not, it would be an experience to be among the sea of people cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners. Imagine one of the largest campus stadiums filled with crimson and cream cheers, and you are part of it. The competitiveness in rankings didn't just come from nowhere as the team has seven championship titles.

The OU sports spirit, of course, does not end with football. Students also have this notion of wearing their colors on or off campus. But especially during game days. From Sooners hoodies and shirts to OU canvas bags, there is no denying that wearing your college apparel is already a statement that you are proud of your whole OU culture. Lastly, now that we have mentioned the Sooners, it is only best to talk about the most memorable Sooner Magic. It might have been derived from the greatest comeback in 1976 but today the term has been tightly associated with everything related to student gatherings: sports events, campus parties, themes, and even clubs.

Enjoying the residential and Greek life

Regardless of the official NCAA list for the best residential dorms, the University of Oklahoma offers one of the greatest residential life in the central USA. The university prides itself on promoting independent student communities but at the same time providing every inch of support the same way that OU is not far from the city life whenever students want to explore beyond the academe.

OU has two residential colleges found near the football stadium at the central junction of the campus. Talk about efficiency and accessibility. Most architectural experts call this model perfect residential structuring. It is designed to accommodate both student living, individual socialization, and academic learning. The facilities are all avant-garde, worthy of the university's title as one of the oldest institutions in the country. There are open areas promoting collaborative study and gatherings. There are multiple lounges and other amenities that promote students' well-being. Lastly, these house at least three hundred students in a variety of room designs. Alumni in Quora even opened up about the campus being their home during their stay.

"The town of Norman is a fun, free-thinking oasis inside conservative Oklahoma. We used to call it “Normal, Oklahoma” because when the rest of the state was a bit whacky, we could come home to Norman and it fell, well, normal."

Being patient with the road traffic

We mentioned that city life is not too far away for students, but there is one common denominator in an OU student's life. That's being patient with the OKC road traffic. If you want to watch the OKC Thunders and bring your gameday couture, University of Oklahoma is fortunately accessible.

By "not too far away", we meant it can be an hour's drive or ride from the campus. The thriving city is pretty much known for traffic jams with four lanes of cars at a four-way stop. You might not be surprised about this in NYC but in OKC, it's pretty much the same with people being too impatient.

Going for hiking weekends

Although OU has tons of outdoor activity programs for students, Oklahoma still has got much to offer regarding outdoor adventures. We all know that the academic part of college can be stressful and what better way to unwind than be with nature? Scientifically speaking, there are both physical and mental health benefits of spending time outside, specifically, with mountains.

Oklahoma has several mountainous areas and even beachy mountain areas like the Quartz Mountains. OU students, especially the tons of other places to go camping or just escape for a while. There are the Arbuckle Mountains, Mount Scott, Kiamichi Mountains, and many more. Students can choose from minor and major climbs, trekking and spelunking, or even simple camping.

Appreciating quality education at a reasonable cost

The University of Oklahoma is an extensive public research establishment in Norman. It has been rated amongst the Top 60 Public academies by US News & World and its online curriculum was also among the Top 10.

The University has also obtained a grant for its earth science mission from NASA and its health science center has been collaborating with research centers for Covid-19 new tests.

Additionally, OU is offering multiple online courses that are being ranked among the Top 10 which makes them relatively successful for international students wanting to seek higher education.

If you’re a freshman in OU reading this, you made a great choice. Both academically and socially. Are you ready to embody the Sooners spirit? Grab your University of Oklahoma shirt now!
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