What To Wear For A College Game Day?

The football season has officially begun! Football game attire is one of the greatest American traditions. Today's blog gives you eight wardrobe suggestions for college games. These outfits combine fancy and casual alternatives. While some of us may strongly prefer different teams, you can simply duplicate these ensembles using the colors of your team of choice! You may also refer here for more game day outfit options.

Outfit Ideas For Ladies

Starting with the ladies. You should wear something comfortable to move around in (dresses that are too tight are a no-no), stylish, and filled with school passion for the big game. Let's go over a couple of fashion dos and don'ts on game day before we get started:

  • Leave expensive jewelry behind. There is nothing worse than having your priceless valuables stolen from the stadium. Enough said.
  • Wear comfy footwear. Keep your footwear practical if you don't want hurting, sore feet after the game. Another piece of advice is to avoid wearing brand-new shoes to the game for the first time. We speak from bitter experience.
  • Pick your handbag carefully. Some college stadiums have recently enacted stringent regulations limiting handbag sizes and designs. Before selecting your luggage, review the stadium's policies. Start carrying a transparent stadium handbag made for stadiums and concerts if you want to be secure. In this manner, you may always enter the gates with all of the necessary game-day items.

Now that everything is out of the way, here are some suggestions for game day attire:

Game Day Dress

When dressing for a football game, you simply can't go wrong with a game day dress. Since the days of Ivy League students who loved sailing, rugby, lacrosse, and fencing, preppy apparel has been intimately associated with sports events.

Consider donning an athletic dress in the colors of your school for a preppy-chic appearance. It looks adorable when worn with timeless shoes and is ideal for watching from the stands or playing tailgating games.

Casual Outfit

Prefer a laid-back look that doesn't overdo game day zeal? Wear a khaki pair of women's shorts, an off-the-shoulder shirt in the colors of your team, and sandals. This outfit is not only incredibly adaptable but it will also keep you cool throughout the first few games of the season's scorching heat.

Simply add the final touches to your attire with game day accessories if you want to demonstrate a bit more team support. Play up your appearance, for instance, with a chic watch from your alma mater or a stylish pair of sunglasses with tinted lenses in the hues of your team (e.g., orange or purple lenses for Clemson or red for Bama).   

Keep It Classic and Cute

On game day, a lady may only truly want to wear something charming and timeless. We're talking about the traditional game-day ensemble: a lovely pair of denim shorts, a collegiate t-shirt, and some stylish shoes. All you need is a baseball cap, some football eye black stickers, and perhaps some glitter to create a simple ensemble that you can accessorize in countless ways.

The best thing about the adorable and cozy collegiate style is that it never interferes with any tailgating activities. Your timeless wardrobe won't let you down whether you're setting up your tailgate before everyone shows up, playing spikeball on the grass, or going up to the stadium.

Jersey Outfit

People may slam big football jerseys all they want for looking sloppy, and many of them do. But, if you ask us, that's just because they're dressed incorrectly.

The first approach to wear a football jersey is to dress it up (make sure it's long enough) and match it with a lovely pair of white Vans (cowgirl boots work well, too). Wear spandex shorts beneath so you can run about, play tailgate games, do a keg stand, and other typical tailgate activities.

Outfit Ideas for Men

It's now time for the gents. You'd think that dressing for a football game would be easy for men. Just put on your best collegiate tailgating attire and call it a day, right?

It's not quite that straightforward, though. In truth, there are a few easy guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid using body paint. Unless you are a student at the institution, bodypaint is not permitted.
  • Go through the Room. Students in college football can wear football jerseys. If you're a mature guy, you might want to reconsider your attire. While it's certainly acceptable if you're in the student section or with noisy friends, if you're watching the game with employees, rethink.
  • Avoid wearing clothing with sweat stains. Pit stains are unattractive on everyone.
  • Before you go for the stadium, check the weather forecast. Wearing a garbage bag in case of rain is not something you should prepare ahead of time.

Classic Style Outfit

Many men just want to look fantastic for the big game without compromising comfort or flair. If this describes you, dress simply but elegantly in blue jeans and a performance polo shirt in your team colors. Complete the appearance with a new pair of sneakers and moisture-wicking socks.

Whether you're a die-hard Tigers fan wearing a vibrant Clemson polo with your khakis or have a couple UNC polos in your heavy rotation, the basic men's polo shirt is a game-day staple. Furthermore, the collegiate emblem is unobtrusive enough that it may be worn practically anyplace, even after football season has ended.

Be Ready for a Tailgate

So you're one of those men who always knows what to bring to a tailgate: the games. Cornhole, Pocket Passer, Ladder Toss—you've got all the must-have tailgate games and can't wait to break them out.

We highly recommend khaki shorts and a nice collegiate tailgating tee for a guy who loves to walk around a lot on game day. Are you going to the Quad? Wearing an Alabama shirt and shorts will make you feel right at home.

Fall Season Ready

As previously said, preppy apparel is appropriate for any athletic event. Why not add a button-down shirt underneath a college quarter-zip pullover and chino trousers to complete the prep-inspired look? This preppy men's attire is ideal for chilly fall days and is a timeless appearance that can be worn anyplace.

LSU supporter? Consider wearing an LSU gingham shirt to the stadium or to happy hour for a classy look. Add a baseball cap imprinted with your club insignia to your wardrobe to raise your team pride and give it a sportier look.

Level Up Your Game Day Style

​​There is nothing else like it anyplace in the world. Tailgate parties, heated rivalries, raucous shouts, and battle songs never grow old.

Football, at its foundation, is a cultural event, and as such, we like dressing up for it. Whether you're a student, an alumnus, or simply your average college football fan, these game day clothes are sure to turn heads this season. They're functional, fashionable, and full of team spirit. What more could you want in a game-day ensemble?

Now you can rock your fall Saturdays in genuine football fashion. We'll see you in the bleachers!

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